Whatever types of delivery service your business requires, we can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a back up service to compliment your own delivery service, or you just require a driver to cover busy periods or holidays, or yours is a young business which only requires a delivery service 1 day per week, One Man and his Van can help you.

Why Consider Contracting Out Your Delivery Service?

Let’s look at the costs & issues that come with running a delivery service.

Firstly we must look at the delivery vehicle:-

  • Purchase / Lease / Hire Costs
  • Insurance & Road Tax
  • Sign writing
  • Servicing & Breakdowns
  • Accidents
  • Rising Fuel Costs

Then we must look at staff and staffing issues:-

  • Wages / Holiday Pay / Sick Pay / Bonuses
  • Lateness / Calling in Sick / Cover Drivers
  • Discipline Issues
  • HR Department

Each and every one of the above points can offer their own problems, and very quickly, what seemed like an easy task of just buying a van and putting in a driver, can turn into a major headache that just diverts your attention from your core business, which ultimately can mean a loss of sales. A major breakdown or worse still, an accident, can mean huge costs added on to the business, which can happen at a time when funds may be tight.

By contracting out your delivery service, all these headaches are taken on by someone else, leaving you to do what you do best. You are dealing with a fixed cost that can easily be budgeted for, you have        continuity of service, and also, there are no costs  incurred during shut down / holiday periods.

What Has One Man And His Van Got To Offer?

By entrusting your goods and customers with One Man & His Van® , you are partnering with a company which has got an excellent reputation for customer service, punctuality, reliability & care for client, goods & customer.

We understand that we are not just a delivery service, but an extension of your business, and by looking after your customer at point of delivery, this in turn gives an overall impression which will make the customer return to use you again and again.

We know that smaller businesses may not have the need for, or do not have the budget for a full time delivery service. Therefore, we can tailor our rates and service around your business needs. We can offer daily, weekly, part weekly or even per delivery rates. We can review your delivery needs and adapt the service as your business grows.

On daily and part weekly contracts you can benefit from shared logos on the delivery van, and with weekly contracts you can have full dedicated logos on the vehicle.*

We take away the headache of having to deal with regular issues associated with a delivery service. If a delivery driver phones in sick, we will provide a replacement driver. If a van breaks down, we organize a replacement van. We ensure that our vehicles are fully serviced, clean, Insured, taxed and have up to date DOE certificates.

Partnering with One Man & His Van® will solve your delivery needs and allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

To request a call back, fill out our quick enquiry form detailing the nature of the delivery service you require and one of our team will contact you.

“Allow us to allow you to grow”